Transforming Radiopharmaceutical Quality Assessment through Innovation

Within minutes, AlphaPace facilitates the thorough evaluation of radiopharmaceuticals, resulting in time and cost savings, while also enhancing the efficacy of these (AC-225) radiopharmaceuticals in the battle against cancer.

A rapid and high quality assessment of
Radionuclide therapies

Founded in the Netherlands through collaborative research with Delft University of Technology and Erasmus Medical Centre, Alphapace is dedicated to revolutionizing the global radiopharmaceutical quality assessment with swift and high-precision solutions.

Problem of current quality control (Ac-225)

Target Alpha Therapy (TAT), shows promising results in the treatment of metastasized tumors. Current quality control typically performs in-direct measuring where the gamma photons emitted from one of Actinium-225 daughters (221Fr) are examined after the required waiting for equilibrium (~2 hours). This process delay potentially leads to lower effectiveness of the radiopharmaceuticals, heightening its costs while also increasing the safety risks for patients.

Our product

AlphaPace is innovating a portable device for quick radiopharmaceutical quality control, initially validated for Actinium-225, capable of detecting and quantifying Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation energy spectra in various production and user settings.

Alphapace analysis (TLC)

In one scan the alpha
particles are separated from
beta particles giving two
different images. Within
these scans, the energy
distribution can be analysed
to determine the individual

The Team

Diversity defines the Alphapace team, with members hailing from various backgrounds, including medical and technical fields. The fusion of our diverse experiences and our shared entrepreneurial vision fuels our mission.

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